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General Services

From state-of-the-art treatment to the most recent advances in eye care, patients are experiencing the difference Retina Consultants of Southwest Florida® can make in their quality of life. We offer a variety of outpatient and inpatient services, as well as the cutting edge technology in treatment, diagnostics, and research for all aspects of retina and vitreous care.

Because of the number of retina specialists in our practice, as well as the number of offices in which we practice, we are available to patients whenever there is a vision problem that requires attention. When patients call our office they will always have access to a live professional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At Retina Consultants of Southwest Florida, we understand how confusing medical insurance can be. Our insurance specialists are available to work closely with patients to help them to understand insurance plans, coverage, and alternative options.

Outpatient Surgery

Outpatient Surgery

Our physicians and surgical support staff have hospital/surgery center affiliations at the following facilities:

  • Lee Memorial Hospital
  • Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center
  • Health Park Medical Center
  • Lee Island Coast Surgical Center
  • Eye Specialists Laser and Surgery Center
In-Office Surgery & Treatments

In-Office Surgery & Treatments

Dr Wing performing an eye exam

  • Pneumatic Retinopexy
  • Paracentesis
  • Cryopexy
  • Laser photocoagulation, including PASCAL
  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Injections
    • Lucentis
    • Avastin
    • Eylea
    • Triesence
    • Ozurdex
    • Vancomycin
    • Ceftazadime
    • Jetrea
Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services

  • Photography
    • Heidelberg/Spectralis Photography
    • Heidelberg/Spectrali Ocular Coherence Tomography modules
    • Topcon/Imagenet
    • Zeiss Stratus Ocular Coherence Tomography
    • Zeiss Cirrus Ocular Coherence Tomography
  • Ultrasonography
    • Ultrasonic Biometry (UBM)
      • Wide field anterior structure imaging
      • Posterior structure imaging
      • Extra ocular muscle measurements
      • Optic nerve measurements
      • Orbital imaging
      • IOL calculations
    • Cheryl KieselCertified as a Registered Ophthalmic Ultrasound Biometrist (ROUB) since 2002, Cheryl Kiesel is the most experienced Ophthalmic Ultrasonographer in Southwest Florida. She has been with Retina Consultants for 17 years and was formally trained in ultrasonography with some of the country’s leading experts in the field here at Retina Consultants of Southwest Florida, then at Johns Hopkins University.She is available to perform ophthalmic ultrasound and discuss findings with the physicians of Retina Consultants of Southwest Florida and with any of our referring physicians.
  • Electrophysiology
    • Retina Consultants of Southwest Florida is the only private practice in Southwest Florida that has electrophysiology capability-this is more often found in university settings. Patients would normally have to drive to Miami or Gainesville for this service. This is one more benefit we offer to patients of our referring physicians.
    • Brenda, COABrenda, COA, has been with Retina Consultants of Southwest Florida for 25 years, and is the most experienced electrophysiology technician in our area. She is well versed in the performance and assisting in interpretation of Electroretinogram, Visual Evoked Response, and Electro-oculogram.
  • Genetic Testing
    • Macula Risk
    • EyeGene

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