Patient Testimonials

“Snowbird from WV – I needed a specialist to follow-up with a questionable eye problem. Researched area physicians and thanks to the web site for Retina Consultants of SWF I found Dr. Raskauskas. I found the entire experience during my appointment to be very efficient and professional. The office was clean and modern and offered several amenities. The staff was pleasant and I was never kept waiting. Dr. Raskauskas was great as well. He was friendly and explained everything. Luckily he gave me a positive report but I feel that if there are any future problems I have someplace to see. Especially want to thank Teresa Nicholson for all her help and information when making my appointment. She was extremely helpful and went beyond what is the “norm” in most offices and made me feel welcome as a new patient. Overall good experience and I would definitely recommend Retina Consultants of SWF to our new friends and neighbors.”
Serena M

“Just got back from my appt. @ the Pt Charlotte office. Everyone was so nice, yet professional. And I was never left waiting anywhere for more than a very few minutes. (That’s a huge deal for me, as I hate when I’m punctual for an appt. but the Dr. is not. ) I give them an A+. Going back for treatment in a few weeks.”
Beth H

“I would like to thank you, Retina Consultants of SWFL, Dr. Glenn Wing and EVERYONE in the N.O.R.I. department for all of your help in transportation, the medication that is helping so much with my eyes, for being so wonderful & very patient and everything else that has been done to take care of me. It is comforting to know that there are still people, especially in the medical field who still truly cares about people. I am very grateful for the research company to allow Retina Consultants of SWFL to do the study. They deserve a reward….and you too! Once again, Thank You and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!”
Brendalee E

“I am a patient of Dr Wing. I just received a copy of the record of my last visit. I think this is a wonderful idea and a first in my experience in this community. A credit to your innovative practice. I also want to compliment your office on its fine office staff and medical assistants who are always smiling, polite, well groomed and caring. Your physicians are first class. Speaking as a patient experience advocate, your practice deserves an A+. Thank you for your care.”
David M Berger MD

“I was recently treated by Dr’s Walker and Sharma after receiving a diagnosis of a possible detached retina of the right eye by the Cleveland Ohio and Ft. Myers VA hospitals. Because the VA does not have this specific specialty locally Dr Bauer immediately referred me to the Retina Consultants of Southwest Florida. I had surgery this past Monday 7 October 2013 and I can’t say enough about the professionalism and care I have received from everyone at this practice to this point. Dr. Sharma and Walker are encouraged at this point in my recovery and I am doing everything they have told me to do TO THE LETTER! If you are facing retinal surgery don’t be afraid between God above and these Doctors you are in great hands.”
Steve S

“We recently moved from Rochester, NY to Fort Myers, Florida. For the past 3 years, I have had very serious eye issues that started with a detached retina then a secondary detached retina and everything for me snowballed from there because I also suffer from severe Glaucoma in both eyes. After a total of 8 eye surgeries, I was nervous about finding the best Retina specialist that I could in the Fort Myers area. I was referred to Dr. Paul Raskauskas. Dr. Raskauskas examined me and immediately found some additional serious issues that needed attention. I have never undergone such a thorough initial examination with numerous tests and treatment options. Dr. Raskauskas also has one of the greatest mannerisms and has an exceptional ability to bond with his patients. All I can say is thank you Dr. Raskauskas and the great technicians and staff that work along with him. Although my situation is not good, I am blessed to be under his care.”
Eric L

“My Doctor referred me to Dr. Walker and I am very glad he did . I felt very confident in the way he checked my eyes. I think he did one of the best eye exams I have ever had. I trust what he decides that I need to do or have done. The staff is so nice and friendly.”

“Dr. Wing is an exceptional professional. My wife has dealt with many eye care professionals in the Boston area. Dr. Wing came highly recommended by Dr. Sang in Boston. His approach, diagnosis, and way of taking care of her retina problem was very impressive. He even contacted her internist in Boston to assist in her eye care. We are very pleased with his professionalism and our results! We were also extremely impressed with his Ft. Myers facility.”
Arnold M

“I was fortunate to see Dr. Walker when I was in Florida for macular degeneration and he is a soft-spoken, gentle doctor that took his time with me and kept me informed. I am just so sorry I couldn’t bring him back here to Illinois with me but he probably doesn’t like the cold. Anyhow, I would recommend Dr. Walker to everyone and I thank him for all that he did for me…..he’s very compassionate and his staff is awesome and amazing!!!”
Judith N

“Dr. Raskauskas makes me feel as if I am a part of his family.”
Barbara W

“Dr. Walker and his staff’s care and concern were above and beyond. They added time to his surgery schedule to accommodate my eye care needs so there would be no conflict with an urgent family situation.”
Catherine W

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